The Chiropteran Library of South Asia

About the Library


         Since July 2000, it has been our collective endeavour to document the rich and varied Chiropteran species diversity of South Asia. The efforts made by chiropterologists in the past and the present have resulted in a veritable treasure trove of knowledge, albeit scattered in different publications and journals worldwide. We attempt here to provide a concise database of information on the Chiropteran fauna of South Asia, with details on their identification characteristics, distribution, population and conservation status.

         The Library is arranged following the recent taxonomy and each species page details its current accepted scientific name, authority, followed by its common name, type locality, synonyms, details on its distribution supported by a distribution map, population and conservation status and taxonomic comments, if any.

         We solicit your contributions to the Library in form of distribution records, photographs and other interesting observations (if any). We encourage free use of this Library provided the source materials are properly cited.

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Chelmala Srinivasulu, Bhargavi Srinivasulu and Aditya Srinivasulu, 2014. The Chiropteran Library of South Asia. Online database.


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